Ahh so we’ve caught
your attention!

You’d like to know a little more…


So, this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down….
(only kidding we know how that one ends).

My story will show you that I am no prince of Bel-Air,
but I am certainly fresh when it comes to your hair.

mens hair stylist near me - dooo

Okay… Let’s be real…

We all know how a good or bad haircut can make us feel.

Due to a negative experience I had, I found the power in hair. So, I decided I could use this for good!! Changed my life completely, from training in the army to becoming a great stylist. So, I proceeded to travel the world gifting haircuts from the dark depths of the sea to the mountain tops of Everest. I realised I can dooo hair, anywhere.

This led me to the idea of creating an all-inclusive platform where everyone
has the power to control who, where, when and how they get their haircut.
I found myself creating dooo

dooo is an amazing new platform where clients can quickly and
easily connect with the perfect stylist for them!

dooo is

dooo is

is simple

dooo is

dooo is

Our Platform has Launched!

Download our app on the App Store and you can decide how,
when and where you get your haircut!

Why not order a haircut like you order a pizza?

The stylist will come to you with a full unique set up, and the ability to cut your specific hair type. With the option to inform your stylist of your individual requirements, we can ensure you have the experience you’re after.

With every stylist being vetted and security checked, we can ensure the stylist coming to you will give you the safe experience you’re looking for.

dooo is for you.

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